Pirate Pop Bubble Shooter

Pirate Pop Bubble Shooter Game Asset is a new powerful Pop game with a complete solution of bubble shooter possibilities in casual, pirate, marine, colorful style for your mobile/web/video game. It includes premade Game Scene, Carousel Map Scene, Pop-Ups, Characters, Animations, etc. Working on IOS, Android, Web. The package is provided with complete source code, graphics files, properly commented code and detailed documentation for easy getting started.

The main feature of this asset, that it has a modern Carousel Map for the infinity levels.

Build your game in days not weeks!


• Powerful and easy to use;
• Suits for all screens resolution;
• Easy to customization;
• Working on IOS, Android and Web;
• Properly commented code;
• Detailed documentation.

• Game scene with full Pop game functionality.
• 2 Animated Characters with their own boosters.
• Level Map scene with full Slider functionality. Included Settings, Quests, Main Screen, Coins Shop, Lives Shop, Chapters.
• 22 tested levels with different targets (you can add any number of levels).
• Easy to use Visual Level Constructor.
• Daily Reward functionality.
• Star Chest and Level Chest functionality.
• Premade Shops: life, coins, boosters with full functionality.
• Splash Screen Scene.
• Ready for in-app purchasing.
• GUI controller with Pop-Ups: Win, Loose, Mission, Coin, Life and Booster Shop, Settings, Quests, Daily Bonus, Message, Almost Done, Star & Level Chest, About, Sale.
• Connect players to Facebook.
• Ready to adding Admob.
• Players data saving and reset to default data.
• Flexible adjustments of all game elements. Used serializing game events.
• Game engine is based on prefabs.


• Game Screen in PSD. 100% editable, 2048 X 2732.
• Map Screen in PSD. 100% editable GUI, 2048 X 2732.
• 2 Game Backgrounds and 2 Map Backgrounds in PNG, 2732 X 2048.
• 2 Pirate Characters with Idle and Win animations in PNG.
• 33 Colorful icons of bubbles, boosters, and other balls for the game in PSD. Pop Animations for each Bubble.
• 14 PSD Pop-Ups: Win, Loose, Mission, Coin, Life, and Booster Shop, Settings, Quests, Daily Bonus, Message, Almost Done, Star & Level Chest, About, Discount. 100% editable, 2048 X 2732.
• Splash Screen in PSD, 2732 X 2048.
• More than 20 GUI elements like buttons, Checkbox, Progress Bar, etc. 100% editable, 2048 X 2732.
• 70 vector icons for the buttons and design in PSD and PNG.
• All elements are also in PNG, ready for code.
If I buy your asset, can you help me with any issue?
Sure, we try to make the best products, so we are always happy to help you understand the project. If you have any issue or suggestion, please email us.

Is it possible to customize your asset for me, change some features or add new, made new UI, theme designs, etc.?
In general we are free for the freelance work. If you are interested, please contact us individually.

If I have bought your asset, can I use all images and codes in my commercial projects/game?
Yes, you can use them personally and/or commercially in your game and project.

Can I publish the game with your asset in the Google Play Store, App Store, etc. without getting policy issues?
Yes, the license of the Unity Asset Store allow this, but we can`t guarantee that Google Play Store or other Store will approve your game.

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