Facebook Smart Asset

Facebook Smart Asset is a new powerful asset with implementation of all working on May 2018 Facebook functionality for your mobile/web/video games and apps.

It included complete solution of Facebook possibilities, features, and changes, including connecting, sharing, send gift and etc. It has also global score leaderboard functionality with 3rd party host servers (as Facebook don`t support now score api). Working on IOS and Android. The package is provided with complete source code, graphics files, properly commented code and with a detailed documentation for easy getting started.

Build your game in days not weeks!


• Powerful and easy to use;
• Suits for all screens resolution;
• Easy to customization;
• Working on IOS, Android and Web;
• Properly commented code;
• Detailed documentation.


• Connect player to Facebook;
• Share Link;
• Feed Share;
• Ask/Send life;
• Get life;
• Vertical Score Leaderboard with total game score;
• Horizontal Score Leaderboard with current level score;
• Post Challenge and Celebrate in Player Facebook account;
• System of the players data saving on the device;
• Two premade Scene with ready buttons and Pop Ups functionality;
• GUI controller with Pop Ups;


• 9 PSD files with all Facebook pop-ups, buttons and post. 100% editable, 2048 X 2732;
• PNG files of buttons, pop-ups, including hover effects;

If I buy your asset, can you help me with any issue?
Sure, we try to make the best products, so we are always happy to help you understand the project. If you have any issue or suggestion, please email us.

Is it possible to customize your asset for me, change some features or add new, made new UI, theme designs, etc.?
In general we are free for the freelance work. If you are interested, please contact us individually.

If I have bought your asset, can I use all images and codes in my commercial projects/game?
Yes, you can use them personally and/or commercially in your game and project.

Can I publish the game with your asset in the Google Play Store, App Store, etc. without getting policy issues?
Yes, the license of the Unity Asset Store allow this, but we can`t guarantee that Google Play Store or other Store will approve your game.

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