Erudition and kittens!

Favorite word game for mobile devices.
Make words, collect 101 cats!

Our features

The game is intended for the whole family!

The game is intended for the whole family. Only a game with your family or friends can compete with ours.
Have a try and find out which of you can catch more cats.

A big field

It′s usually boring to play, when in classic game you can′t put a word on the field.

Our field is 33x33, what means 1089 letters!


You won′t be borried during the game! Funny kitties will be helpful and annoying during the game.
Will you collect all the 101?

Intellectual assistant

Can′t come up with a word? It′s not a problem! Our prompter will choose the best word with the chosen amount of letters!

Integration with social networks

Use your facebook account!
Share your progress with friends!

In-app purchases

Lack of coins? Want more hints?
You can buy both in the shop!

A funny prehistory

Kitties save the kingdom! You won′t refuse the half of the kingdom and a princess in addition.



Release for Android


- Game is available in Google Play

Wath's New


- Add Network game.